Hello, I'm Jill

Hello, I’m Jill

Overeating Unplugged is a process, enabling each person to discover their own unique eating behaviour blueprint, and become their own, best, “diet detective”!

The person behind this process however, and author of the book Overeating Unplugged: it ain’t just the food is Jill Bonney.

Jill is an experienced counsellor (B.A. Hons) who began with her own private practice before specializing in weight loss and weight management.

Jill ran LighterLife groups for 12 years, helping to transform the lives of hundreds of people, then worked as a Weight Management Practitioner for MoreLife, Oxford. In a move which provided flexibility of time to begin writing and have a better work/life balance, she became a consultant for the 1to1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan https://www.one2onediet.com/jill as well as operating independently this last six years, as per this website. (For private consultation please contact via this site; for The 1to1 Diet, use the link above.)

In addition to professional training, Jill’s unique insight stems from 20 years as airline cabin crew, and coping with her own fatigue-triggered overeating.

Jill lives in London and the Isle of Wight

Overeating Unplugged
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