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Minding the Gap

In order to get back in charge of our eating behaviours and weight loss journey, it boils down in the end, to “minding the gap”. The gap between intention and behaviour. What you planned versus what you ended up doing. There are other factors however, which need taking on board.

What you eat is of course a major part of the equation. But if it were that simple, we’d have done it. Most people aren’t daft as well as overweight. Of equal importance are the other parts of our lives that impact our eating behaviours. This is the (enormous) rest of the equation that often gets overlooked.

Social / lifestyle, Emotional, Physical, Habit

This includes your social lives, your life circumstances with all its situations and everyone involved; your emotional lives, driving the reasons that lie beneath a lot of our reactive eating patterns Continue Reading →

Recognition and Planning

You know that old adage “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail..”? It sounds tedious Continue Reading →

Self Compassion and Caring

If beating ourselves up and self recrimination really worked, we’d all be super slim and super healthy Continue Reading →

Find Your Own Unique Eating Behaviour Blueprint!!

As you start to put everything together – the stuff of life Continue Reading →

Getting Sorted: Strategies for Successful Weight Loss and Management

Some of our eating patterns will be easy to release or change. Others are a sight more challenging Continue Reading →

Minding the Gap and Food Wisdom

I am not a nutritionist, though I will have one working with me in the near future. Basic food wisdom, however, means that we understand and find ways to balance our individual “calorific energy in versus calorific energy out – equation”. This means knowing what we are buying when we shop Continue Reading →

Bring Your Own Diet

Recognizing your trigger foods, and recognizing that a particular diet may not have been at fault Continue Reading →

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