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What’s it all about?

  • What is your relationship with food?
  • How can you stop falling into the same habits again and again and AGAIN?
  • Are there solutions thast can work – and last?

Most diets work, if you stick to them, so what keeps happening? How come you either don’t get past first base, or worse, achieve a weight loss you believe you’re proud of, only to find life takes over and one day you wake up big again? Or bigger than you’d like.

Whether your version of weight fluctuation is a subtle yo-yo ing, or a more dramatic ascent straight up the scales, Overeating Unplugged has a two way approach to putting you back in charge of your weight management and your health:

First, it takes the magnifying glass and a much closer look at THE GAP between what you intended to happen, and what ends up happening.  Whether that intention is to begin and continue with a reduced eating plan in order to lose weight, or whether it is about holding to a weight you have worked hard to achieve, something goes awry in the middle.

What you planned to do ◄-   -► What you ended up doing!
The original intention ◄-   -►The actual outcome!
8am ◄-   -► Tea time / dinner time etc
◄–   THE GAP!   –►

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