Minding the Gap and Food Wisdom

I am not a nutritionist, though I will have one working with me in the near future. Basic food wisdom, however, means that we understand and find ways to balance our individual “calorific energy in versus calorific energy out – equation”. This means knowing what we are buying when we shop, and checking out the food labelling that at the least, is green for good, and red for not so good. It also means finding ways to achieve a nutritionally complete eating plan while managing an overloaded schedule and not exceeding what you need day after day. Again, if it were that easy, we’d most of us be managing.

Crucially, Overeating Unplugged will help you find ways to substitute the trigger foods which send you on an overeating roller coaster with something which hits the spot enough. It will also explore the food categories which help curb rather than stimulate the appetite.

Overeating Unplugged
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