Recognition and Planning

You know that old adage “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail..”? It sounds tedious, but it’s true. Insight has to be followed by action. The “gap” can only be truly bridged by planning. Most often, when we have yet again floundered in our intent, the question is not “Why did I (over) eat?” but “Why did I forget to plan? How come I lost my focus?” And by the way it isn’t about good or bad or right or wrong: it is simply about recognizing what gets in the way.

So if you find over and again that when you shop late and have gone too long without food, (so you really are over hungry) you end up buying more than you need, and eating it – then the timing needs to be shifted. However if it were that simple, we’d all be walking on water!

Overeating Unplugged will help you find where you most need to revise your plan of action, and how to keep to it: how to build in sustainable stepping stones for success – which takes on board the day ahead of you as much as the week, the month, or the year ahead. The moment we are in, and “bite sized stepping stones” , is your way through. The wider context of time is your framework. But planning, and recognition of the need for that planning, is pivotal to the plot.

Overeating Unplugged
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