Self Compassion and Caring

If beating ourselves up and self recrimination really worked, we’d all be super slim and super healthy. What seems to happen instead in some perverse act of logic…. is reaching for yet more food, to console for difficult situations and negative emotions. I’ve yet to meet anyone who uses food for comfort who doesn’t relate to this. What works best, and is backed up by research, is the kind of care and respect we would usually afford a friend or someone we valued, but seem to abandon when it comes to ourselves. That care and kindness is not about treating ourselves with yet another item of gastronomic appeal, which will not ultimately change any situation after the initial relief….but about noticing what is going on, and collecting the information. Yes, this is the detective bit.Overeating Unplugged will help you challenge yourself, not so much on whether you have kept to your eating plan at any given time, but whether or not your way of seeing things, and your way of being with yourself, is balanced, and promotes the outcome you want. Life has enough curved balls without our adding to the pile! If berating yourself for yet another “failure” sees you eating yet more to console, this is not the outcome you want. It is taking you in the wrong direction.

The question that lies beneath will always be:

“Does this attitude toward myself / overeating…. serve me? Does it take me in the direction I want, toward revised eating behaviours, weight loss and weight management, or does it take me the other way, back up the scales?”


Overeating Unplugged
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