Getting Sorted: Strategies for Successful Weight Loss and Management

Some of our eating patterns will be easy to release or change. Others are a sight more challenging and may be a work in progress for the duration. They need us to be a bit more savvy in our approach.

As you become more familiar with your own eating behaviour blueprint, it will be easier to make better choices, and better decisions, simply because you are better informed. Often however, much stealth is required. But if you are curious about your adventure, you can have fun along the way. A lot of it is rather akin to David Attenbrough – treading quietly through the undergrowth with his eye on the prize. It’s a lot like that!

Overeating Unplugged will help you find your way through, step by step, inspiring a variety of creative ways to manage even the most challenging situations.

Overeating Unplugged
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